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Data lakes deliver scale-out architecture for storage. And AI clusters, powered by tens of thousands of GPU cores, require storage to also be massively parallel, servicing thousands of clients and billions of objects without data bottleneck. Then there is cloud. Applications are increasingly cloud-native, architected on the premise that infrastructure is disaggregated and storage is limitless.

The de facto standard for cloud storage is object. A data hub must have all four qualities. All are essential to unifying data. Status and billing information is sent from the set-top terminal directly to the network controller at the cable headend rather than directly to the operations center Thus, control of program monitoring and selection is controlled by the local cable company and its distributed network controller ie, distributed to the operations center located in the center of the program distribution system By the cable head end alone.

The local cable company in turn communicates with an operations center or a regional control center not shown that collects data returned from the set-top terminal for statistics and billing purposes.

In another system embodiment, the operations center and the statistics and billing site are in the same location. In addition, information is transferred from the set top terminal to a statistics and billing site using a telephone line with a modem.

Set top terminal The set top terminal is a part of the program delivery system in the subscriber’s home. The set-top terminal is usually placed above or below the subscriber’s television, but as long as it is within range of the subscriber’s remote control device , any set-top terminal in or near the subscriber’s home Can be placed on site. In some respects, the set top terminal is similar to the converter box already used in many cable systems.

For example, each set-top terminal may include encoding techniques such as various error detection, decoding, and anti-taping encoding. However, it will become clear from the following description that set-top terminals can perform many functions that a normal converter box cannot do.

The set top terminal has a plurality of input ports and output ports so that it can communicate with other local and remote devices. The set top terminal has an input port for receiving information from the cable head end In addition, the unit has at least two output ports that provide communication from the set top terminal to the television and VCR. If any menu is selected, the set-top terminal sends a control signal directly to the VCR to program or operate the VCR directly.

The set-top terminal also includes a telephone jack that can be used for maintenance, troubleshooting, reprogramming, and additional customer features. Functionally, the set-top terminal is the final component in the delivery system chain. The set top terminal receives the compressed program and control signals from the cable headend or sometimes directly from the operations center After the set-top terminal receives individually compressed program and control signals, the signals are demultiplexed, decompressed and converted to analog signals if necessary from which a menu template.

Stored in a local storage device, executed immediately, or sent directly to the television screen. After processing the signal received from cable headend , set-top terminal stores a menu template for creating a menu to be displayed on the subscriber’s television by using an array of menu templates.

Before the menu is constructed, a menu template must be sent to the set-top terminal for creation and storage. A microprocessor uses a control signal received from the operations center or cable head end to generate a menu template for storage. Each menu template may be stored in volatile memory within the set top terminal When the set top terminal receives the template information, it demultiplexes the program control signal received from the cable headend into four main parts: video, graphics, program logic, and text.

Each menu template represents a different part of the overall menu, such as the menu background, television logo, cursor highlight overlay, and various miscellaneous components needed to create the menu.

Menu templates may be deleted or modified using control signals received from the operations center or the cable head end Once the menu template is stored in memory, the set top terminal can generate the appropriate menu. In this preferred embodiment, the basic menu format information is stored in a memory located within the set top terminal so that the microprocessor is local to the information from the set top terminal rather than from the input signal.

Can be accessed. The microprocessor then generates an appropriate menu from the menu template and other menu information stored in memory. The set top terminal then displays a specific menu corresponding to the input selected by the subscriber on the subscriber’s television screen. If the subscriber selects a particular program from the menu, the set top terminal determines the channel on which the program is shown and demultiplexes and extracts the signal channel transmitted from the cable headend To do.

The set top terminal then decompresses the signal channel and, if necessary, converts the program signal to an analog NTSC signal, which allows the subscriber to view the selected program. The set-top terminal can be equipped to be able to decompress more than one program signal, but since the subscriber typically only watches one program at a time, this equipment reduces the cost of the unit. Raise as needed. However, to improve picture-on-picture capabilities and control signal decompression, and to improve channel switching and other similar features, two or three decompressions It is desirable to provide a device.

In addition to the menu information, the set top terminal can also store text sent from the cable head end or the operations center This text tells the subscriber about upcoming events, billing and account status, new scheduled programs, and other relevant information.

The text will be stored in an appropriate location in memory, depending on the frequency and duration of text message usage. Also, upgrades that enhance the performance of the subscriber’s set-top terminal can optionally be used.

These upgrades consist of a cartridge or computer card not shown inserted into an expansion slot provided on the set-top terminal , or subscribed by the cable head end or its user. It can consist of features provided by the operations center Available upgrades may include online database services, interactive multimedia services, access to digital radio channels, and the like. In the simplest embodiment, the functions of the set-top terminal are implemented by modifying a commercial converter or box manufactured by General Instruments, Scientific Atlanta, etc.

A preferred upgrade is a circuit card with a microprocessor that is electrically connected to or inserted into the converter box. Remote control device The main conduit for communication between the subscriber and the set top terminal is via the subscriber interface, preferably a remote control device Through this interface, the subscriber can select the desired program via the system’s menu drive scheme or by entering the actual channel number and accessing the specific channel directly.

By using this interface, a subscriber can navigate back and forth within a program selection menu that provides a series of information. By using menu driven, icon or alphabetic access, the subscriber can select the desired channel by simply pressing a single button rather than calling from memory and pressing the actual channel number for selection.

Subscribers can access regular broadcasts and basic cable TV stations by using the numeric keys on the remote control by pressing the corresponding channel number or by using one of the menu icon choices. In addition to making it easy for subscribers to interact with the cable system , the physical characteristics of the subscriber interface must improve intimacy with the users of the system.

The remote control must easily fit in the palm of the user. The buttons on the preferred remote control include pictorial symbols that can be easily identified by the subscriber.

In addition, buttons that perform similar functions may be color-coordinated, or may be distinguished from each other to increase intimacy with the user of the system. Menu driven program selection The menu-driven system allows subscribers to access all major menus from movie hits to sports special features and special programs in one step. From any of the main menus, subscribers can access sub-menus and minor menus in turn by cursor or alphabetic access. There are two different types of menus used in this preferred embodiment: a program selection menu and a programming program menu.

The program selection menu, which is the first menu, includes an introduction menu, a home menu, a major menu, and a submenu. The second menu, the inter-program menu, consists of two basic menus, a secret menu and a program overlay menu. As soon as the subscriber turns on the set-top terminal , an introductory menu welcomes the subscriber to the system. The referral menu may display important announcements from local cable franchises, advertisements from cable providers, or other types of messages.

In addition, the referral menu can inform the subscriber if the cable headend has sent a personal message to that particular set-top terminal for that subscriber. After the introduction menu is displayed, the subscriber can proceed to the next level menu, the home menu. In this preferred embodiment, after a certain period of time, the cable system advances the subscriber to the next, assuming no home menu selection. From the home menu, subscribers have access to all program options.

The subscriber can select the program directly by entering the appropriate channel number from the remote control , or can proceed sequentially through the next level menu options starting from the home menu.

The home menu displays a category corresponding to the first level called the main menu. If a subscriber chooses to go in sequence through successive menus, the subscriber is sent from the home menu to the main menu corresponding to the selected category.

The main menu further refines the subscriber search and helps the subscriber to guide the choices. From the main menu, the subscriber has access to several submenus. Subscribers can access other submenus from each submenu until they find the desired television program. Like the main menu, each successive sub-menu further refines the subscriber search. The system also allows the subscriber to directly access a specific menu or television program by skipping certain menus and sub-menus by entering appropriate commands on the remote control The inter-program menu including the secret menu and the program overlay menu is displayed by the set-top terminal only after the subscriber has selected a television program.

To avoid confusing the subscriber, the set-top terminal does not display the secret menu until the subscriber selects an appropriate option for displaying the secret menu. The secret menu includes options related to the program selected by the viewer. For example, the secret menu includes options that allow the subscriber to enter interactive mode or exit the selected program.

The program overlay menu is similar to the secret menu in that it relates to the program being generated and viewed during the program. However, the program overlay menu is displayed simultaneously with the program selected by the subscriber. Most program overlay menus are displayed small enough on the screen so that subscribers can continue to comfortably watch the selected program. Operation center with computer-aided packaging system FIG. A peripheral device of the CAP system is constituted by an additional remote localization database such as the local video storage database , a buffer for supplying an external program, and a control device This central processing unit can be a powerful PC, a minicomputer, a mainframe or a combination of computing devices running in parallel.

This central processing unit includes all necessary interconnections to control peripheral devices such as the external video controller Central processing unit has sufficient memory to store the program instructions for the subroutine that operates CAP The CAP receives data from one or more databases, such as the operations center database and cable franchise information database shown in FIG.

In addition, a separate database of viewer information, such as visited census and programs, is maintained. The external video controller includes a buffer for delaying an external program received by the operation center as necessary.

The CAP receives video and audio signals from two sources, ie, from the local video storage internally and externally via an external video controller from an external source. Here, referring back to FIG. In FIG. The operations center is shown receiving external programmed signals corresponding to specific programmed categories available for subscriber viewing. These external signals can be in analog or digital form and can be received via land lines, microwave transmission lines, or satellites.

Some of these external signals may be transmitted from the program source to the operations center in compressed digital form or other non-standard digital form. These external signals are received and packaged with programming stored in the operations center Examples of external program sources shown in FIG. It is done. Any source that can provide either or both audio or video signals can be used to provide programming to the operations center Digital compression techniques are used to achieve the required processing capacity of video and audio information for this system.

The television signal is first digitized. The purpose of digitization is double. That is, first, in the case of an analog signal such as a television image, the signal is converted from a certain waveform into a digital binary form by digitization.

Second, through the use of digital compression techniques, standard digital forms are designed so that the resulting image or video still takes up less space on the respective storage medium. As will be described below, it basically defines the compression method in which the standard digital form is used.

There are three basic digital compression techniques: intra-frame, inter-frame, and intra-carrier compression techniques. In-frame compression techniques process each frame in the television image to include less visual detail.

Thus, the image will contain fewer digital bits. In inter-frame compression techniques, only changes between frames are transmitted, eliminating elements that are repeated in successive frames. In the intra-carrier wave compression technique, the compression ratio varies greatly according to the amount of change between frames. If many changes occur between frames, the compression ratio drops, for example, from 1 to 8: 1. If the action is strong, the compression ratio drops to 4: 1.

Several standard digital forms have been developed that represent both digitization standards and compression standards. In addition to these standards, other private standards have been developed. As is well known to those skilled in the art, any compression technique developed by these companies and any other known technique can be used in the present invention.

Reference is made to FIG. Human interference in the system is performed by a programmer or program packager operating from one or more workstations connected to the system.

These workstations are preferably intelligent workstations with large CRT screens. In this preferred embodiment, a suitable keyboard, mouse and color monitor are used in the workstation. From these workstations, the packager creates a program structure, creates a program ranking table, starts dynamic menu allocation, starts dynamic bandwidth allocation, designs the menu, and enters the program name and description into the menu.

You can place, create menus with stills and live video, move text over the menus, change the color of objects on the menus, and perform various other tasks of the program transmission system Almost any function of the operations center that normally requires human intervention can be performed at the packager workstation Although data entry to the database can be performed manually at workstation , data entry is preferably completed through electronic transfer of information.

Alternatively, the data can be loaded from a customer portable storage medium such as a magnetic disk or tape. An integral part of the computer-aided packaging system is the retrieval of the viewer data and the assimilation of this data into a program packaging method especially a menu structure as discussed for MII in FIG. This entails two main stages: the retrieval of raw data from the highest terminal set first, followed by the filtering and provisioning of this data.

Each headend edits the viewer data and then sends it verbatim to the operations center This raw data is required because the various responsibilities of the operations center require different parts of this raw information. Also, a record of the entire data must be saved. Once the data is assembled at the operations center , the data is filtered for each application.

Data is analyzed by automated software procedures EIS and menus are created using specific heuristics. For example, one heuristic is that when a program is not ordered frequently, the program is moved closer to the top of the menu to look better. By filtering this data, the data is classified and indexed for display to the user. Program data can be filtered into a new database containing program names and indexed by the number of times each program has been purchased.

This data can also be indexed by number of purchases and program category. Several metrology methods have been established to help evaluate this data. Using EIS or similar software, sales by menu layout, expense, category, and expected life can be retrieved for viewing on a graphical display. This graphical representation in the form of a line or bar graph allows the packager to recognize any trends in the data. For example, a first movie on a movie menu may not sell as well as a second movie.

You can draw a chart that shows that the first movie has been at the top of the menu for two weeks and that the purchase rate is inevitably falling. Next, steps can be taken to move items in the menu to correct this, but many of these steps are automated in the menu creation system.

Changes suggested to help the user in this task can be displayed. This automated procedure creates a menu where differences can be seen between headends due to demographic differences in the viewers who are watching. To help with this, another database of viewer demographics exists and is often updated.

These headends can change menu positions or add local programs to further customize the program. In order to prevent erroneous data analysis, any changes to the menu are sent back to the operations center at the same time as the viewer data. Another use of indexed data is the creation of market research. Programming changes are made with the help of accurate information about viewer preferences. You can also track viewer purchase trends and regional benefits.

An executive information system EIS is used to provide. The EIS represents both graph and summary report information. The purpose of the EIS is to provide an on-line software tool that can perform a real-time assessment of current product positioning. The design of this system consists of user-friendly icons that guide the user through the available functions.

The functionality in this system provides comprehensive information about the current programming sales status. By working through the hierarchy in the system, the user gains access to more specific information. This system is designed to shield users from long learning curves and information overload. These graphic tools analyze current data through the use of numerous graph types such as line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts. These tools allow the user to mix time hours, days of the week, weeks, months , demographic information, program category information classes, characteristics, events , headend information and the appropriate programming mix within the assigned time slot.

Independent variables such as price information to determine can be manipulated. This system also allows the packager to derive the expected monetary income through the program structure by aggregating outside industry databases. Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the issues. It was definitely informative.

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Please check out my web site too and let me know how you feel. Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the issues. The project needs to handle this delegate and take appropriate action while being mindful of TRC requirements. Be sure to consider the case where the HMD is disconnected as the program starts up. Fixes multiple crashes, and improves tracking. New:Added VR splash screen for level transitions.

New:Updated UI elements that composite after reprojection to preserve quality. The yaw was being reset every frame. Bugfix:Fixed an issue where the main editor window was not restored after exiting VR preview in some cases. Bugfix:Fixed crash when exiting PIE while a panoramic screenshot was in the process of being taken. Bugfix:Fixed motion controller attachment movement when the game is paused.

HMD motion now runs off the edge of the rendered area less easily. It was previously saved as a floating point value instead of a boolean. Bugfix:Fixed some static analysis warnings in Oculus Rift plugin code. Bugfix:Fixed the “Get bounds node” for SteamVR to return the correct bounds if they have changed since initialization. This could happen if the HMD was outside of tracking area during start up. Added positional tracking information on PSVR even when the device isn’t optically tracked.

This enables proper IPD to be taken into account for rendering. Added support for the left menu button on the Oculus Touch controllers. Updated changing world to meters scale while running in VR Preview mode in the Editor on Oculus Rift so that it now correctly applies the changes to the Oculus Touch controllers.

Updated VR play-in-editor to always use “Game has mouse focus” option, to ensure that motion controllers are routing input correctly to the game. This determines how left and right reprojection artifact pixels are filled. Mirror, the default, fills them with some nearby pixels. ClampToBorder fills them with the border color usually black. Most content works best with mirror. There is a project setting to disable this, should the PS4 behavior change in the future.

New:Added the ability to change Device Profiles at runtime. Use “dp. If you do it again to another one, it will reset the settings to what they were originally, before applying the second new Device Profile.

This is because the second Device Profile may not set all settings the first one did, but we want to undo the first settings that the second doesn’t contain. New:Added Parse function to JsonObject. New:For Media Assets, added more verbose logging output, e. New:For Media Player Editor, added support for dragging and dropping media files into media player editor. New:For Media Player Editor, implemented platform player overrides details customization for media assets.

New:Project-specific versions of identically named engine plugins are now supported. Multiple plugins with the same name are prohibited at other times. New:For Wmf Media, refactored playback topology handling to support multiple tracks and track switching. Bugfix:Fixed a crash when after playing media that requires a different conversion shader.

Bugfix:Fixed an issue with window centering when moving from fullscreen to windowed mode. Bugfix:Fixed an issue with Media assets where existing native player not being reused when opening new media source. Bugfix:For Media assets, improved the appearance of file media source paths. Bugfix:For the Media Player Editor, fixed the media player selection is ignored if media specifies player overrides.

Bugfix:For the Media Player Editor, fixed where the URL box would sometimes incorrectly show media load error even though it loaded correctly. Bugfix:For Wmf Media, fixed a memory leak while playing videos. Bugfix:Removed still image tracks and sinks. CrowdAgentMoveDirection will be set while traversing a link, unless the agent is falling.

Made NavigationSystem call TickAsyncBuild on all navigation data instances while there is an ongoing navigation build in progress, regardless of whether auto navmesh update is enabled. New:Made RawAnimationData and associated structures private and added accessors and new functionality to enable modification in a safer way than direct access. Bugfix:Fixed an issue in Blueprint compilation that could cause crashes with certain memory allocators. Bugfix:Fixed an issue where components of inherited grandchild blueprints would sometimes use invalid components as their outer in cooked builds.

Note:Things that force a GC will still force a GC after using this method and they will also reset the timer. New:Added a method to extract swing and twist quaternions from FQuat.

New:Added a new Invoke function which enables member function pointers and data member pointers to be used as simple projections in algorithms.

New:Added a TNot metafunction which inverts the Value of another boolean metafunction. New:Added Algo::SortBy which sorts a range via a projection of the elements. New:Added AsyncThread function to enable stack size and priority to be specified. It now takes the owning data table and the row name as parameters.

This enables it to do more useful fix-up that depends on the context of where it is used. New:Added Invoke support for TFunction, which enables a member function pointer or data member pointer to be bound to a TFunction. New:Added Invoke support to CopyIf. New:Added MakeShared to enable the construction of an object and its reference controller in a single allocation.

New:Added some extra checks to catch uninitialized pointers passed to the garbage collector. New:Added support for custom versions in FArchiveProxy. New:Disabled logging to memory in shipping builds by default.

From now on FOutputDeviceMemory will be an opt-in for games. New:Improved bitwise swapping for Swap so that it produces more optimal code in general. New:New Objects can now be created as duplicate transient or PIE duplicate transient consistent with the flags of properties that reference them.

New:When the Event Driven Loader is enabled in cooked games, the engine will use the async loading path when loading all assets even when using LoadObject function. New:Added display of the name of the corrupt pak file in various pak file error messages.

New:Added FArchive::operator. Changed generated code to never use TEnumAsByte for generated code for enum classes. New:Added TUseBitwiseSwap type trait for user-defined types to specialize as ‘false’ if it enables better code generation. Bugfix:Fixed a compile error when declaring a TFunction returning a reference type. Bugfix:Fixed all static analysis warnings in editor builds.

Bugfix:Fixed bulk data using source data pointer as an archive instead of raw data when saving. Bugfix:Fixed TSparseArray debugger visualizer. Changed checkSlow to check when verifying type compatibility in GetDefaultObject because this is potentially an unsafe static cast. Increased the initial memory allocation size for FLargeMemoryWriter to reduce the number of allocations when saving or cooking. Lowered verbosity of several error messages that happen when deleting native properties or components.

Lowered verbosity of several warning messages that happen when deleting properties or components from parent classes. These issues used to require resaving the child blueprint or level. Made FString::Mid assert when passed a negative count. Made Unreal Header Tool able to parse final classes. Removed blueprint stack warning messages from shipping builds, the stack was missing so the warnings were pointless. Updated stack captures to now always go down the fast path.

This avoids a game going unresponsive on Windows when printing or capturing large numbers of callstacks such as with the ‘mallocleak’ command. Updated the JSON writer to now write floats with a suitable level of precision, where before it was always writing many redundant zeroes. New:Added allocation tagging to MemoryProfiler2. Added object, package, and class tags by default this uses FScopeCycleCounterUObject, so the stats system is now enabled when malloc profiling.

New:Optimization and usability improvements of the MemoryProfiler2 tool. Optimized the processing of the Callgraph, Histogram, and Short lived allocations views. Added a user-configurable list of allocator functions to trim which now includes FMemory and operator new by default, and produces much cleaner callstacks. PostEditComponentMove will now be called correctly when stopping a drag operation of a scene component of an actor in a level. Fixed all static analysis warnings in Editor builds.

Bugfix:Fixed an issue where re-scanning a package file may leave old assets in the asset registry. It used to not clear out anything associated with the old package before scanning the file, which could result in old assets being left if they’d since been removed from the package. This also exposes a PackageDeleted function to enable manually clearing anything associated with a package if doing some custom asset work. New:Added interface to extend the matinee to level sequence converter.

New:Actors can now specify via bRunConstructionScriptOnDrag whether PostEditMove should fire the construction script on every move or only when the move is considered finished.

This enables us to determine if an ability was ended prematurely. Added an OnAbilitySucceeded delegate for determining when an ability was successfully ended. New:FLocalPlayerContext functions no longer check by default. New:UPrimitiveComponent now has an optional list of components it will ignore collision with when performing movement sweeps.

Added tests to find other issues. Bugfix:Fixed an issue where FindTeleportSpot used when spawning actors would sometimes fail to find a valid nearby spot depending on the previous collision results.

This only occurred if bAlwaysCheckFloor was false. This could in rare situations cause the character to continue to attempt to depenetrate an object far away from it until another floor check occurred. Bugfix:Fixed tooltip text for p. Updated bRemoteOwned to no longer be settable in FSpawnActorParameters as only spawning a replicated Actor from the replication code should ever have been setting this to true. Updated Components to no longer need to specify whether they want begin play or not.

New:Added basic support for localizing plugins. Updated UDPPing to enable a stack size to be set for the individual threads that the ping will be performed on to compensate for third party injected code that exceeds stack space available in default 32k limit. New:Added OSS. VoiceLoopback to debug chat by including local talkers into remote talkers audio queue.

Removed spurious log message during voice initialization as it is covered by other logging. New:Kinematic actors now excluded from active transforms generation. This saves time in fetchResults. New:PhysicsConstraintComponent now exported and can be subclassed outside Engine.

New:Sweeps can now take a rotation parameter that will enable the shapes used for the sweep to have their orientation changed. Bugfix:PhysX no longer returns NaN from some penetration tests. Bugfix:Fixed crash from user doing unsafe things during fetchResults by moving OnConstraintBreak delegate so that it fires outside of fetchResults.

Implemented copy and assignment operator for convexElem struct and aggregate geometry to avoid shallow copy of raw pointers.

Moved skeletal mesh component physics updating into EndPhysics so that other components can use it safely in PostPhysics. New: libwebsockets 1. New: webRTC rev.

New: zlib 1. Bugfix:Fixed a parameter order issue that could cause incorrect compression settings to be used. Bugfix:Fixed a threading issue with the virtual keyboard implementation that could cause the use of protected Slate functions from a non-game thread. Bugfix:Fixed an issue where stats were using unsupported 64 bit atomics on Windows XP.

Bugfix:Fixed an issue where the wrong xdk. Converted the PS4MallocCrash class into a generic one. New:Implemented IsGamepadAttached function. It’s faster and solves the problem with the previous implementation’s incorrect assumption that UTF32 string returned from cStringUsingEncoding would be zero-terminated.

New:Added support for displaying one and two button message dialogs on Playstation 4. The new system supports both Windows and Playstation, and handles the submission of build symbols to a symbol server as part of a UAT build script. Check out ShooterGame for an example implementation. Bugfix:Fixed a bug introduced by trying to get the taskgraph broadcast to work on PC. Changed the Playstation 4 exit behavior to avoid calling abort when shutting down cleanly. Moved the Playstation 4 crash dump user callback registration to a much earlier point in engine initialization, to catch early crashes in engine preinit.

Bugfix:Fixed a crash bug when using “recompileshaders changed” on Xbox One, with a cook-on-the-fly server. Bugfix:Fixed an issue that could cause a memory overwrite when using compute fences. Note:Only Visual Studio Update 3 is officially supported in this release. This version adds official support for Visual Studio from Perforce.

Bugfix:Fixed a typo in a define that could cause Visual Studio to crash. Bugfix:Fixed Clean process during a Hot Reload. Bugfix:Fixed issue where project-specific modules could be considered out of date, when building multiple targets through Visual Studio at once. Unique build id strings in. Bugfix:Implemented various fixes for building with -nosharedPCH. Bugfix:Implemented various fixes to enable the Editor to be compiled in Monolithic mode.

New:Added delegates called after resolving scene color e. This is the first step on the road to moving PSO handling to the high level rendering code to have a unified solution for DX12, Vulkan, and Metal.

Added ability in the cross compiler to convert the global uniform arrays into named uniform buffer objects. Bugfix:Fixed an ensure fail when initializing point light shadow maps and simplified the logic for cubemap render target resolution parameters.

Bugfix:Fixed a race condition where debug drawing code was trying to read data off the SceneProxy from the Gamethread. Exposed full USceneCaptureComponent classes to plugins instead of select methods.

New:Refactored material properties during graph translation. Fixed material properties are being phased out in favor of better encapsulated and more extensible attribute lists. This is the first in a series of changes moving towards per-project attribute controls and improved high-level usability.

Y not applying between the first and second lines. Bugfix:Fixed saving of a few VR related config flags. They were being saved under the wrong name, preventing them from being read in again.

Bugfix:Fixed the tracking camera orientation returned from GetTrackingSensorProperties on the Oculus Rift to now point in the correct direction. Previously it was pointing towards the back of the camera instead of its facing direction. New:Added ability for custom implementations of UGameplayModMagnitudeCalculation to specify they have dependencies external from the ability system that may invalidate their calculated magnitudes.

Dependencies are specified by multicast delegate that is expected to fire when the magnitude needs to be updated. Also added advanced variant of the implementation enabling clients to also trigger the dependency invalidation and update themselves appropriately. Designed to only be used for extreme cases such as games relying heavily on network dormancy and only on attributes that are not gameplay-impactful and therefore safe for the client to locally compute.

It also enables specifying a transform as well but defaults to using the identity transform for convenience. New:Added option to disable uploads to Crash Report Receivers while they continue to answer pings from clients. New:Crash Report Process performance improvements.

Early out for slowest reports. Changed MinidumpDiagnostics logging locations to avoid speed cost of logging to a folder with thousands of files. Improved CRP shutdown speed when updating. New:Crash Reporter backend performance improvements. Crash Report Process can discard crashes when crash queues become too long. Crash Report Process can run multiple instances of MinidumpDiagnostics to speed up callstack generation.

MinidumpDiagnostics can place a system-wide lock on resources Perforce workspace and the PDB cache to enable multiple instances without multiplying storage requirements. New:CrashReportProcess logging and Slack reporting improvements to monitor disk space. New:Introduced the concept of “evaluation channels” to non-instant gameplay effects within the ability system!

Evaluation channels enable game-specific control over the order in which modifiers are evaluated in attribute calculations. A game may specify how many channels it would like to use, as well as what they are named, and then modifiers can specify which channel they work on. The channels are evaluated in order, with the numerical output of the first channel serving as the input to the second channel, and so on.

Example:Imagine a sample attribute with a base value of Now apply a multiplicative mod with magnitude 1. Additionally, a game can optionally specify a default channel to use via DefaultGameplayModEvaluationChannel. In addition, added various new channel-related functionality to the ability classes’ API, such as the ability to base the magnitude of a modifier off of an attribute only evaluated up to a certain channel.

New:Large Crash Report Process update. Removed legacy queues for deprecated Crash Report Receivers. Removed duplication tracking needed when using Crash Report Receivers as this was slow and didn’t scale. Bugfix:Fixed a header issue that was including 64k of test data into shipping builds, it is now stripped out appropriately.

Bugfix:Fixed issue wherein gameplay effects with non-snapshotted, attribute-based modifiers could potentially not replicate to clients correctly, resulting in incorrect values on clients. Bugfix:Fixed problem where MinidumpDiagnostics used on CR backend would strip unnecessary lines from callstacks.

Added the Strfind function to TCString, which is actually case-sensitive. New:The default allocator for cooked Windows games is now BinnedMalloc2 to match other platforms. New:Component Activate and Deactivate events now supply the component being affected as an argument. The libwebsockets API has changed. Panda’s Restaurant,,USD,,,,4,4. Panda Daycare,,USD,,,39,4,4. Panda Supermarket,,USD,,,24,4,4. Panda Handyman,,USD,,,12,4,4,1. Smart alarm clock to get awake early with a tricky and awakening steps counter – Best alarm app to wake up on time with alarmy music ringtone,,USD,,,,4,4,1.

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